2016 07-13

How to Choose a Mattress Store

Buying a mattress is something that we all have to do, but probably don’t do as frequently as we should. It is an investment. As such, it comes with decisions that can be stressful. There are a bunch of different mattress stores to choose from. There are a few nationwide chains and even more local home town shops. There is an easy way to help you narrow down the list. Here are three ways to decide why you should keep a mattress store on your list of possibilities.

1. Check the Ratings

Before you go out to shop at any mattress store, be aware of what you are walking into. While your first response is going to tell you to go for the highest rated stores, you don’t want to do this. Any store that has nothing but four or five star ratings is going to give you the reviews that the mattress stores are paying someone to say. They want high ratings so they have created those high ratings.

What you want to look for are the honest reviews. The ones that show the problems. You want to know how the mattress store reacted to the problem. No one is perfect. No company is going to have 100% customer satisfaction for each sale. What you want to see is what happens if you are dissatisfied from real people who have experienced the problem.

The great thing about having all this technology is that there are now websites that do nothing but tell the honest truth. Companies are not allowed to post mattress reviews nor can they pay for reviews. They cannot take down unflattering reviews either.

2. Arm yourself with knowledge

A major complaint with mattress stores is that they don’t allow you, the customer, to choose what kind of mattress they want. That is because most shoppers have no idea what kind of mattress they want.
If you already know what kind of mattress that you want, you can choose your mattress store based on the price of that mattress. You will feel confident that you will walk out of the store with what you want based on researching your individual needs.

3. Avoid Commission Based Sales

The biggest problem with any sales floor, whether mattress or cars, is that the salesman is going to push the highest priced product to boost their own bottom line. A mattress store that has sales people that are hourly or salary instead of commission based is going to be able to give you an unbiased review.

Another downside of commission based sales, the mattress store is going to promote a certain brand. This brand will be all that they are focused on selling. It is going to be what the sales people get the bonuses on so that is going to be the mattress they want to sell.

Of course, there are going to be many other factors that will determine how and why you should shop at a mattress store. This is meant to be a starting point towards your journey. As long as you keep in mind that there are other factors that may be important to you, your choice in choosing a mattress store is the beginning of making an investment that will last you for years to come.